Love999 Technology is a leading company focusing on knowledge engines, dedicated to building trustworthy, traceable, and responsible multi-modal large models for intelligent customer service, digital marketing, digital personalities, intelligent assistants, and visual detection and control fields. The company's technical team consists of outstanding artificial intelligence professors, researchers, and industry experts from Zhejiang University, bringing together rich expertise and experience.

In the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence, Love999 Technology has adopted a unique private AI solution designed for high reliability in enterprise scenarios. This solution involves deep training on internal knowledge and business process data to provide personalized AI experiences for both corporate customers and employees. Not only does this significantly enhance communication efficiency, but it also greatly reduces operational costs for businesses.

Love999's core competitive advantage lies in its data traceability, responsibility, trustworthiness, and compliance. Compared to many competitors, Love999 adopts a highly responsible approach to data processing and usage. Data traceability ensures that the source of data can be verified, avoiding the use of opaque or untrustworthy data sources, thus ensuring the credibility of the models. Additionally, Love999 is committed to data compliance, strictly adhering to relevant regulations and laws to protect user data privacy and ensure data usage within legal boundaries. Such practices further enhance the trust of corporate clients and internal employees in Love999.

Love999's multi-modal large models have excellent performance, and compared to GPT-4, Love999's models provide a high-level AI experience in all aspects. Moreover, Love999's models use traceable data sources, which means users can clearly understand how the model arrives at specific conclusions or recommendations, giving users a deeper understanding of AI's decision-making process.

In modern society, the trustworthiness of data is crucial. Love999 Technology deeply understands this and always prioritizes the quality and credibility of data sources. Through traceable data sources, corporate clients and internal employees can rely on Love999 Technology's AI solutions with greater confidence, better meeting their needs, enhancing efficiency, and creating greater value.

Love999 Technology, as a company specializing in knowledge engines, has not only brought immense value to various industries through the creation of trustworthy, traceable, and responsible multi-modal large models but has also set a new benchmark for data compliance and trustworthiness. This dedication to excellence and innovation will continue to position Love999 Technology as a frontrunner in the field of artificial intelligence, delivering unprecedented intelligent experiences to more businesses and users.


Research Base

Research on Multi-modal Large Models, Robot Vision, and Knowledge Engines.


Research Base

Research on AI Customer Service, Assistants & Robots in various industry applications.


Market Base

Expand Domestic and International Markets for AI Service, Assistants & Robots.